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February 20, 2019 by AndyAndyproductivity

Three Wins or Rule of 3

I have a ton of shit to do, and it’s often hard to focus on one for any amount of time without thinknig about one of the others. To-do lists don’t really help because the amount of things i WANT to do grows faster than the amount of things i get done.

The Three Wins technique is one of the simplest time-management techniques I’ve found, and seems to be working for me so far. The gist is this:

Essentially you define (and actually write down) what three things you want to get done. … Wins can be defined for whatever timeframe you want (weekly, monthly, etc.).


I use a Trello board with 3 color levels: this week (green), this month (yellow), this year (red).

my 3-wins board

Here’s how i use the board:

  • Start every day by figuring out what to focus on for the day.
  • Test myself throughout the day – am I doing things that are actually getting me closer to my wins?
  • If new things come up, i ask myself if they align with my goals. If so, great. If not, i’ll asses whether they deserve to be added as a future week/month/year win.